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You can choose to use either Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or MySQL databases with your hosting plan, dedicated or virtual server. You can of course choose to have your own SQL Server installed on your own dedicated physical or virtual server.

Our Shared SQL Servers are independent of our other services. This ensures optimum server configuration and performance of your databases.

For the smaller web site you can also use Microsoft Access 2000 or greater with our Windows Professional and Business hosting plans.

Our Shared SQL Services include:

  • Multiple daily snapshots of databases retained for up to 5 days
  • Daily backup retained for up to 30 days
  • Backup recovery of MySQL databases via MySQL Admin.
  • Backup recovery of Microsoft SQL Database via FTP client.
  • Secure VPN connection for remote administration of your database.

Are SQL Databases on the same Server as my website?

No. Our SQL database servers are independent from our web servers. This ensures optimum server configuration and performance for your databases.

Is my SQL Database Backed Up?

Yes! See our Backup Policy for details.

Can I download a copy of my Database?

Yes! You can retrieve a copy of your MySQL database via the MySQL admin interface. For Microsoft SQL server we provide you with an FTP account.

How do I connect to my Database?

DSNLess connections can be used to connect to your database(s).

Is remote administration of my database via a Secure VPN connection?

Yes! Access to our SQL Database Servers for the remote administration of your database is via a Secure VPN connection.

You can remotely administer your database using options that include:

  1. Microsoft's SQL Management Studio or Enterprise Manager
  2. Microsoft's Visual Studio's Database Project
    For MySQL Databases
  1. Transact SQL running via dynamic web pages (PHP, ASP & ASP.NET) within your website
  2. PHP web interface


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