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Email Services


Email Scanning

We use a spam database which keeps 'fingerprints' of spam emails. We also look for words / phrases which regularly occur in spam messages. Finally, we also check the machine that is sending the message in several different anti-spam databases.

In all, over 800 checks are carried out and each check will return a score. You can set a threshold for your mail and if the score is above that then the mail is designated suspect and will then be quarantined - more details below.

Virus Scanning

We have a database of viruses which is updated daily. The message and any attachments will be scanned and if it contains a known virus it will be quarantined.

The Quarantine

When mail is downloaded, the contents of the quarantine stay on our server. The user is provided with a page where the contents of the quarantine can be inspected for 'false positives' (legitimate mail incorrectly identified as spam), and messages there can then be approved or removed.

Messages in quarantine will be left on the server for 7 days by default (user-configurable), and then removed. The quarantine area can also be accessed as a separate folder called 'Junk' if you are using the IMAP service.

You can be updated as to the content of your quarantine by daily email if you wish.

As mentioned above, you can also tweak the spam-detection threshold. Not only that, this facility can be set per email address i.e. you can have a very high threshold on risky addresses like 'sales@' and a lower threshold on a safer address such as 'yourfullname@'.

White and Black Lists

A whitelist will let you specify addresses that you want to receive mail from. This is useful in case there is some mail that is being incorrectly picked up by the spam filters that you wish to receive. Conversely, a blacklist lets you specify addresses that you never want to receive mail from. Mail from these addresses will be rejected by the servers upon receipt. These lists can be configured from the mailbox control panel.

No guarantees can be made as to the effectiveness of this system, but testing has shown it to be very accurate, and can cut out over 90% of spam if an appropriate threshold is used.

Finally, please remember that our anti-virus & anti-spam service should be regarded as an additional protection to anti-virus/spam being run on the receiving PC.

How to Order

Email is included with all of our domain registration and hosting packages.